If you call upon one wolf, you invite the pack!

The Call of the White Wolves represents a clan related to games of the Savage franchise. It was founded many years ago by Storm. Since then, a lot of time has passed and the clan has been through some stages of inactivity but mostly times of enjoyment and excitement. Countless clan wars have been fought, some were lost but then we bounce back every time to become even more successful. The future will bring changes, new games are emerging; some members have left and new people will join the pack. That all said, the Call of the White Wolves defines its core values as follows:

As we are a clan within a large community, we want to be friendly to each other. We do not troll or flame. We do not start useless arguments with other clans. This is the one and only requirement which stands above all the others. There is no place for racism, sexism or discrimination.

As we play together we share our successes and failures, which means that we come to respect each other and to help each other get past any problems either in real life, or in-game. We want to be seen as respectful by the other people in our community, so it is of the utmost importance that we respect others as well.

As we interact with other individuals, we want to be seen as a mature clan, with mature individuals, and so we must not act in a way which could be seen as childish or immature.

Due to the International nature of The Call of The White Wolves, we require a basic/ intermediate level of English. We welcome applicants from all over the world. All our communications are strictly in English.

Because we all have chosen to be part of this wonderful community, we must all actively participate in clan life (i.e. actively discussing topics, joining training, playing with people online). Just wearing the tag won't be enough; we need to be seen as the main pillars in our community. Play an active role in the clan, post on our forums and add your opinion where our members and admins ask for and where it is needed, that is all that we ask.

As we play together, we express how we're doing, what we need to overcome, and our concerns so they can be addressed, and we achieve this by communicating with each other.

We are a community of gaming enthusiasts. We want to cry together, we want to laugh together, we want to enjoy playing together.