Read this first if you wanna join !

Apply to join. Make sure you read the requirements for joining!
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Read this first if you wanna join !

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Recruitement status: OPEN
Please, only apply if you want to stay in this clan. We don't want multiclanners or clanhoppers.

Basic Requirements:

Being a friendly player is requierment above all skill requirements.

Due to the International nature of White Wolves we require a basic to intermediate level of English. We welcome applicants from all over the world, due to this fact all our communications are in English.
Please consider before you apply if you will be able to:
  • Communicate and understand clear English communications in our forums (tactics and NSL match preparations talk)
  • Communicate and understand spoken English on our Teamspeak servers and have the ability to reply/speak in English on these also.
As White Wolves is a clan which is taken serious by others, we want our members to participate in the clan life, just wearing the tag won't be enough. Try to play an active role in the clan, post on our forums and add your opinion where our members and admins asked for and where it is needed.

Be active in game!

White Wolves or Cubs?
First question that you should ask yourself before you fill our info below is, "For what division I'm going to apply?" If you do not know what the difference between WW and Cubs is, let us explain it.
  • (WW) White Wolves is the main clan, which participates in clan wars and NSL. We have training sessions weekly.
  • Cub The cubs are different, the purpose of this clan is to train newcomers, which want to learn more than just basic skills. Cubs can visit (WW) trainings, which is very much appreciated, however Cubs cannot participate in clan wars like NSL. As a Cub once you think you have gained enough skill, you can apply for (WW) or you can apply for another clan.
So it is totally up to you. If you feel like you want to join WW, you can make an apply straight for WW, but if you are not sure about your skills, Cub is probably the best choice for you.

If you have made it so far in this post and you are not confused, feel free to apply for White Wolves or Cubs by filling out the form below.
Personal Information
*Real Name:

Ingame Name:
Playing Savage since...?:
Your favourite server? (you play most of time there):
Former Clans:
How much time do you play a week?
Which division (WW/Cubs) are you applying for?
What do you have to improve, beast/human/comm?

Why you want to join us ?
What members do you know?
Any other comments?

Use this link to find us on the server:

Thank you and good luck with your vote!
You will hear from us after our minimum evaluation period of ten days has expired.