Teaching in Guatemala!

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Teaching in Guatemala!

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Howdy, Kebabman here! For those who haven't heard I'm in Guatemala working as a voluntary teacher. I'm currently fixing the school's computers for my first computer lesson tomorrow, so I get the chance to use internet for a while.

I'm staying in a sort of centre of education on top of a hill in a village called Yalambojoch (pronounciated "Yalambohotsh"), with a population of a bit more than one thousand. Or at least so I have been told. Although the shower is cold and they are lacking milk (and all other cow-products.. TT_TT), it is really beautiful here and the people are very friendly, even to a gringo like me.

For those who want to, here's the blog where I write about it in more detail:

I might be able to upload a photo or two as well, but until I get home I can't upload the big bunch yet.

Happy savaging! :-D

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