Invitation to XR 1.0 Evolution Testing Session - Sunday 16:0

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Invitation to XR 1.0 Evolution Testing Session - Sunday 16:0

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I'd like to invite every 1.0 users available to WW Matches 2 Server for a couple of games using Savage XR 1.0 Evolution sandbox mod. (Thanks Valli for setting the server up!)

The server has been prep'd and all you need to do is update your 1.0 Clients and join up preferably before or around 16:00 GMT today, Sunday, Jan 8th (pwd evolution). Changes being tested are as follows:

* Healing tech research costs decreased: buildings, units, abilities, items) cost reduced by 50%.
* Monastery/Sanctuary now do not require Arsenal to be built in order to unlock them (can be the 1st building up).
* Rupture improved: 50% increase in ammo, damage rounded to 90 (compared to tempest's 170), +10% larger splash damage area, 10% bonus damage to all enemies in the area it hits, for each enemy it touches and up to 3 enemies per shot (1=100%, 2=120%, 3=130%).
* Mana Crystal, while still slowly recharging mana when carried, became a consumable. It can be thrown like disruptors, it breaks on impact and produces 3 pickable mana crystal goodies (~45% mana refill).
* Sensors are now stackable, max 2, single slot. Total team sensors: 16.
* Ammo boxes now refill ammo over the 50% limit, if player carries an ammo pack.
* Sprinting costs 20% less stamina, for both races.
* Sixth Sense now highlights the enemies close by that are less than 1 melee hit away from death.
* The shaman has a 2nd melee combo hit, making it a little more combat worthy.
* The 2 new units (Mech and Glider) have beed completed and fully integrated (models, skills, icons, effects and all).
* Chaplains and Shamans get the 5th slot open for the aquisition of normal items (not weapons).

Cya there!

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