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Post by Nezzy! »

Hey guys. If you hadn't realised I have been inactive of late, this is due to busy social life, because been seeing all my friends before going to university. Anyway on to the topic of university. I am going on saturday, because I'm not sure how shit the internet over there will be I'm not entirely sure how well I will be able to play Savage. Also I will be busy at university anyway so will only be able to be online once or twice a week? I will try and get some games in though. But yeah just wanted to say thanks for the good times guys! I'm not leaving the clan or anything just probably going to lapse into inactivity, I will visit the forums daily as usual. I know I haven't been able to do much within the clan due to work commitments etc but yeah still thought I'd say goodbye for a bit :P

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Re: Bumhole!

Post by CarniWhore »

Good luck at Uni mate, you'll have a great time I'm sure. When's freshers week :D

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Re: Bumhole!

Post by valli »

You will be always a very welcome member! :) I really appreciate talking to you. Enjoy university. It's one of the best experiences in life :)

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Re: Bumhole!

Post by Riddick »

Nezzy, just have fun there, normally university is much fun and much more learning, but if you learn to enjoy the good sides of thisone, it will be very funny ;)
Hope to see you sometimes in savage!
Have fun!

Edit: forgott where you came from ... :(
Could you tell it me again ? :D

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Re: Bumhole!

Post by Robin5hood »

Afroman i will miss u.
See ya in future ;)

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Re: Bumhole!

Post by Power Hermit »

See ya around, mate :) Good luck at uni.

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Re: Bumhole!

Post by Tempi »

Good luck! First two years were the busiest and the most fun years for me. No idea how did i manage to find the time to do everything! Take the best of these years ;)

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Re: Bumhole!

Post by Nanaa »

Gl with your studies Nezzy! In started in a new school month ago as well :)

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Re: Bumhole!

Post by Mr Brightside »

Enjoy Nezzy - I'm sure you'll have a great time! ;)

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