A Sad Story

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A Sad Story

Post by jazzking »

For some background, let me explain that I install Savage on a ramdisk. The whole installation is transferred from my hard drive to memory on boot, so that the game never needs to deal with waiting for the disk. I have a 1gb storage "drive" where Savage sits and that's where I run it from. link

I was playing for a while yesterday, and when things on the server slowed down I took out a 24oz Corona Extra, the third on the right pictured.

I wanted to drink while playing so I picked up the comm seat. I finished the match (victory for me :lol: , thanks to tips from my team), just about when I finished the bottle. Well I kept playing while "influenced", this time playing a predator on Kinixxx. Normally, I play badly after drinking, but yesterday was an exception. It was like the beer had given me confidence and lubricated my mind, and I was chaining all sorts of moves and 1 2 3-ing players over and over. I was even able to hold a conversation with someone in rl while playing, which normally I am never able to do.

I thought to myself: watch this demo when you are sober tomorrow so you can see this revelated play. Maybe you will find out that you played badly and the beer simply changed perceptions, but either way it will be interesting. Well today, the day after this happened, I went to look at the demo. Exactly 0 bytes were saved, because my memory installation was completely full with older demos. Normally I transfer these demos back to a seperate drive on the folder but I had forgotten. I'm just so disappointed to lose this demo :(

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Re: A Sad Story

Post by Riddick »

A sad story with beer ? Cant be a really sad story :P

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Re: A Sad Story

Post by valli »

You had the liquid.

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Re: A Sad Story

Post by SAS »

jazz, it's not bad! the conclusion is to do the experiment again!

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